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Digital Auditions

Digital Auditions

Digital auditions are closed for national and international applicants and will reopen for submissions in late January 2022.

All the information you need to submit a digital audition is outlined below (including the dates that results will be released). Please read the Instructions, Content and Terms and Conditions carefully.

We are committed to diversity in dance and welcome auditions from First Nations, LGBTQI+ dancers and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. All dancers are given equal consideration.

If you live in Australia, please note that you can choose to submit a digital audition or audition in person in any of the major cities we visit on our National Audition Tour.


Audition Results


  • How to Apply

    1. Film student demonstrating the relevant audition requirements (see below) and save via one of the following formats:

    -YouTube video - Listed/Unlisted
    - Vimeo video - Public/Private

    Footage must be compiled into one video

    2. Take 2 x standard images (4"x 6" / 10cm x 15cm) of applicant in practice clothes. Required poses:

    - Full length facing side-on profile to the camera with feet in parallel 1st - Example Photo

    - Tendu a la seconde a terre en face with arms in second - Example Photo

    3. Register or log-in to your account on The Australian Ballet School website before filling out your application

    4. Fill in the application form, selecting relevant training program for the applicant

    5. Complete and submit the form (as directed via the website) before processing your payment

    * Please note that applications will not be processed if incomplete

  • Tips for Filming Your Digital Audition

    - Film in a clear, well-lit space. We need to see you! 

    - Ensure the dancer’s full body length is visible.

    - The camera must be positioned at an angle that shows the dancer at their best.

    - The use of a tripod is recommended to ensure a stable image.

    - Check the quality of image and sound prior to submission.

Digital Audition Content

  • Auditioning for Intra-Interstate & International Program (ITP)

    For course information, please visit Intra/Interstate & International Training Program

    (a)   Barre Work 

    Please film barre work on both sides

    - Plies – once in each position

    - Battement Tendus

    - Developpés

    - Battement Fondus

    - Grand Battements

    (b)   Centre Work

    - Port de Bras

    - Jumps

  • Auditioning for Full-Time Program (Levels 4-8)

    For course information, please visit Full-Time Training

    (a) Barre Work

    - Demi & Grand Plies – once in each position

    - Battement Tendus – 4 in each direction on both legs

    - Ronde de Jambe a terre and en l’air – 4 en dehors & en dedans

    - Frappe – as for tendus & on demi-pointe

    - Developpés 90 degrees – both sides, all directions

    - Battement Fondus 45 degrees – both sides, all directions

    - Grand Battements – as for tendus

    (b) Centre Work

    - Port de Bras

    - Adage

    - Some centre practice with various pirouettes

    - Basic allegro steps

    - Small batterie combinations

    - Grand Allegro

    - Short Variation including beats, jumps and turns

    The video should also include an enchainment with pirouettes (on pointe for girls).

    (c) Solo

    A short solo showing applicant's performing quality and personality.

Terms & Conditions

  • General Information

    The School accepts digital auditions all year round, but please submit your digital audition by 19 October 2021 if you hope to join The Australian Ballet School in 2022.

    ~Preferred dress for audition:
    Girls: leotard, ballet tights, ballet shoes. No skirts or outerwear.
    Boys: unitard or full-length tights, form-fitting t-shirt/singlet, socks and ballet shoes

    ~Please refer to our website for details regarding The Australian Ballet School Training Program.

    ~The Australian Ballet School collects and uses your information in accordance with the relevant privacy legislation.

    ~For all enquiries please contact The Australian Ballet School, on +61 3 9669 2807.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Please click here to view FAQs

  • Eligibility

    Digital Auditions are open to Australian & international applicants. 

    ~Applicants for the Full Time Program (FTP) must be aged 13 to 18 years at 30 June 2021.  

    ~Applicants for the Intra/Interstate & International Training Program (ITP) must be aged 8 to 13 years at 30 June 2021.

    ~Successful auditionees will be offered training options based on their age, location and ability. This arrangement offers greater access and training options to develop young dancers.

  • Payment

    The Digital Audition fee is $200 AUD.

    Payment must be received with application in order for the application to be processed.

  • Refund Policy

    The Australian Ballet School is unable to offer refunds for YouTube or Vimeo applications once the application has been received by The Australian Ballet School.

  • Staff

    The teachers are all highly skilled dance professionals. All staff of the School have obtained a Working with Children’s Check from the Department of Justice, Victoria.

  • Child Safe Standards

    The School’s commitment to child safety is based on the Seven Child Safety Standards that align with the Victorian Child Safe Standards and related child protection laws. These standards and the three principles underpin the development of the School’s work systems, practices, policies and procedures to protect children to maintain a child safe environment and embed an organisational culture of child safety within the School community. The School is committed to the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse and demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of Child Protection policies designed to empower children and to keep children safe.