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Purpose & Values

Purpose & Values


The Australian Ballet School exists to provide young classical ballet dancers with exceptional training and education to prepare them for a professional career with leading dance companies in Australia and worldwide. The School nurtures a passion for dance participation in Australia. As the national centre for vocational classical dance, The Australian Ballet School plays a central role in the history and future of dance.

We realise our purpose by:

- Being a global leader in vocational dance training

- Providing world-class dance training aligned with extensive academic and wellbeing programs that enable students to flourish

- Balancing technique and artistry with educational needs and holistic care in a  nurturing, inclusive, creative and stimulating environment underpinned by the principles of positive education

- Training our dancers in a distinctive Australian style that is internationally  regarded as technically excellent, creative, adaptable, mindful, courageous,  consistent and expressive

- Ensuring a balance between affordability and access through our boarding, scholarship and bursary programs

- Offering a variety of community programs and accessible training opportunities

- Employing highly experienced educators who are committed to empowering excellence in the dancers of tomorrow

- Training teachers and developing the artistic leaders of the future

- Providing a major source of talent for The Australian Ballet, and leading companies nationally and internationally




We are Australia’s centre of excellence for creating the future of dance. We empower excellence through education and nurturing. Our teachers and students exemplify technical excellence, grace, resilience and strength. Our curriculum promotes excellence in ballet training, academic and professional preparation, personal growth and accomplishment.


The Australian Ballet School provides a positive and balanced education for students to cultivate healthy bodies, minds and souls. We value knowledge and experience and we are open-minded and ready to learn.


Talent is the lifeblood of dance companies worldwide. We actively identify talent and potential, both essential for entry to the School. We are the major source of talent for The Australian Ballet and other leading companies nationally and internationally.


Creativity is our means of self-expression. We foster imagination and nurture insightful, artistic and courageous communicators. We spark creativity and passion in our students, enabling them to flourish as artists and advance the art of ballet.


Positive connections between students, teachers, The Australian Ballet and leading dance companies, nationally and internationally, are integral to our success. We maintain collegial connections to leading vocational dance schools and industry advocates globally. We nurture a passion for dance in the wider community. We understand our stakeholders and engage with them in meaningful ways.


We believe in our ability to make things happen and reach for the stars. We understand that success is fuelled by hard work and a personal commitment to achievement. We are disciplined and don’t give up.


We respect and support each other. We are one team. We inherit and are proud of the unique values and traditions of our School.


We acknowledge and respect Australia’s First Nations rich heritage; we endeavour to honour its role in the shaping of culture in this country. We acknowledge our cultural diversity and respect and build upon the history, training, environment and repertoire of dance in Australia and how it shaped our unique Australian style of performance. We empower students to emerge as well-rounded artists who are technically excellent, creative, adaptable, mindful, courageous, consistent and expressive.