ABS Health Fitness Conditioning

Health & Wellbeing

In line with the School’s philosophy to maximise ability; to produce thinking artists who are healthy in body and mind, and students who emerge fully prepared to fulfil their potential, the Training Programme includes world-class health and welfare systems which focus on supporting the physical, emotional and mental health needs of students.

As part of the School’s commitment to student care, all students have access to group education and individual assistance with injury prevention and management, healthy nutrition along with emotional and physical wellbeing. Students are encouraged to request assistance from the health team for a variety of reasons such as:

- To maintain general physical and emotional health

- To improve physical fitness and conditioning for dance

- To avoid and/or treat injury

- To improve the mental aspect of dance performance

- To design personalised nutrition plans which maximise energy output and help maintain the lean, athletic body shape required of classical ballet dancers

Fitness & Conditioning

It is widely recognised that additional cross training is recommended to attain the high levels of strength, fitness, endurance, coordination and flexibility required for a career in classical ballet and dance. Individual guidance on all these aspects of dance fitness/conditioning is available from the fitness and conditioning staff. In addition, the School’s Strength & Conditioning staff can provide assistance with additional aerobic fitness and guidance on exercises specific to injury rehabilitation.

Regular training and education sessions include:

Levels 1 - 3 Stretching and Body Conditioning

Levels 4 - 7 Pilates-based Body Conditioning

Levels 4 - 8 males Gym

Level 6 Anatomy and Physiology

Levels 4 - 5 Introduction to Anatomy