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Health & Wellbeing


As the national centre for vocational dance training, The Australian Ballet School takes a holistic approach to pairing the highest calibre of training with world-class health and wellbeing services.
In line with the School's philosophy to produce thinking artists who are healthy in body and mind, we offer comprehensive health and wellbeing services to our students.

Our world-class health and welfare systems prepare students to fulfil their potential through supporting their physical, emotional and mental health needs.


As part of the School’s commitment to student care, all students have access to group education and individual assistance with injury prevention and management, healthy nutrition along with specialised counselling.

Students are encouraged to request assistance from the health team for a variety of reasons such as:

- To maintain general physical and emotional health

- To improve physical fitness and conditioning for dance

- To avoid and/or treat injury

- To improve the mental aspect of dance performance

- To design personalised nutrition plans which maximise energy output and help maintain the lean, athletic body shape required of classical ballet dancers


Mental health is of utmost priority and a dedicated aspect of The Australian Ballet School's wellbeing services. With a dedicated School Counsellor, students are provided with regular opportunities to attend one-on-one sessions with a qualified Counsellor.

    • Child Safety Standards

      The Australian Ballet School is committed to Child Safety based on the Seven Child Safety Standards that align with the Victorian Child Safe Standards and related child protection laws. The School is committed to the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse and demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of stringent recruitment and induction processes alongside Child Protection Policies designed to keep children safe.