ABS Our Teachers


The Australian Ballet School is proud to offer high-level training expertise across classical and contemporary dance. Our reputation in the international ballet community is testament to the caliber of our teaching staff, who go above and beyond to deliver professional, detailed and rigorous training to our young aspiring dancers. 

Classical Teachers

Simon Dow - Dip. ABS+

Megan Connelly - VGCEBI, APMA Level 2

Jiayin Du - Dip. ABS +instructor +

Michela Kirkaldie - Dip ABS, Grad Cert Ed (Visual & Performing Arts), VGCEBI, APMA Pilates certification +
Irina Konstantinova - BA Classical Ballet (USSR), VGCEBI+

Sergey Konstantinov - BA Classical Ballet (USSR), VGCEBI +

Sabrina Lenzi

Kirsty Martin - Dip. ABS, GDEDI +

Christine Vavladellis - Adv. Dip. ABS, GDEDI, HBHS (Anatomy & Physiology), EDMELC (MA Ed. Leadership & Management)

Contemporary Teacher

Margaret Wilson - Grad. Dip. Ed.(Visual & Performing Arts)

Character Folkloric

Christine Howard - Dip. ABS, Grad. Dip. Ed.(Visual & Performing Arts) VGCEDI +