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Boarding Program

Boarding Program

Marilyn Rowe House, at 262 The Avenue, Parkville, is a home away from home for students of The Australian Ballet School aged between 13 and 18 who have come from all across Australia and overseas. It is located on a block of 2,025 sqm, hosting a two-storey house with a purposeful single wing attached at the rear. The location is ideal, with both tram and train within minutes. Parklands across the road provide plenty of opportunity for recreation, and several hospitals are close by.

Marilyn Rowe House is named after the School’s former Director, Marilyn Rowe AM OBE. Marilyn Rowe was one of the first students accepted into The Australian Ballet School’s initial two year course, the first Prima Ballerina produced by the School and the first graduate to become its Director (1999-2014).

Marilyn Rowe House, the purpose built boarding facility of the School, was secured by significant philanthropic support and meticulously planned, over many years, to provide a modern boarding program to match the School’s world class vocational dance training.
  • Mission

    The Boarding Program reflects the vision, culture, and character of the School; being informed by the School’s extensive history, energised by creativity, artistic expression and passion. Unique programs and exciting approaches to pastoral and residential care devoted to nurturing the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — will foster distinctive signature experiences that support the growth of young dancers into mature, professional performers. The experience of an enriched environment with opportunities for self-discovery, leadership and success, affords students every chance of emerging as individuals capable of making valuable contributions to society.

  • Eligibility


    Levels 4 - 6 Must be accommodated at Marilyn Rowe House unless accommodated with, and fully supervised by, a parent/legal custodian or a suitable relative as approved by the School

    Level 7 Should be accommodated at Marilyn Rowe House (subject to availability)

    Level 8 May apply to be accommodated at Marilyn Rowe House (subject to availability)


    Levels 5 to 8 Must be accommodated at Marilyn Rowe House unless accommodated with, and fully supervised by, a parent/legal custodian (as per the International Student Visa requirements) *

    Tours and short stay opportunities

    The School invites applications from existing Level 3 ITP students and Invitee students (aged 12.5+ years) to spend time in Marilyn Rowe House during their time in Melbourne for personal visits or Intensive Training Sessions (subject to availability). Airport pick-up service provided by the School, whereby a staff member meets/delivers the student at the airport gate is also available. International visiting students are also able to reside at Marilyn Rowe House during their visit, again subject to availability. Full-time students living in Melbourne with their parents are welcome to arrange a boarding experience as a short-stay boarder. Likewise, if a parent in Melbourne is required to relocate temporarily interstate, arrangements can be made for the student to be a short-stay boarder. Please contact the School regarding costs as these will vary due to the length of stay and whether airport pick-up service is required.

  • Features & Facilities

    World’s Best Practice

    Developed in consultation with top Ballet and Academic schools world wide

    Member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA)

    Professional Head of Boarding and Boarding Staff

    Ongoing Professional Development of staff undertaken with ABSA


    24 Hour Supervision

    CCTV Security Cameras

    REACH Boarding School System

    Includes student tracking and leave management


    Academic and Tutor Support

    Health and Welfare Support

    Nurturing Environment

    Organised Group Activities


    Commercial Kitchen

    Student Kitchen

    Dining Room

    Recreation Lounge

    Study Lounge

    Quiet Reading Room

    Student Laundry for Personal


    Secure Front and Rear Garden


    Male and Female Segregated Sections

    Female Only Shared Rooms

    Male Only Shared Rooms

    Bedding Provided and Professionally Laundered


    All meals provided

    Self-Serve Breakfast

    Lunch in the Dancers Deli at The Australian Ballet Centre

    Communal Dinners and snacks prepared by Chef-in-Residence

    Separate Student Kitchen provided for student use

  • Lifestyle

    This premier facility at any one time is capable of housing up-to 32 students and associated support staff. Led by the Head of Boarding, Marilyn Rowe House, enables students at the School to experience the highest levels of pastoral care, whilst living in a community based on the needs of dancers.

    The students within Marilyn Rowe House come from all facets of the School population ranging from Levels 4 to Level 8 students. This broad spectrum, allows the younger students to develop positive role models within Marilyn Rowe House.

  • Fees

    2024 Boarding fees: $23,475

“I am so pleased that The Australian Ballet School is able to provide the duty of care required to house the country’s most promising young dance talent. Families can feel confident that their child will be given 24-hour care when moving to Melbourne from regional Victoria, interstate and overseas. Marilyn Rowe House will provide safe and secure residential accommodation.”

Lisa Pavane, Director

“Living with people who share the same goals and passion as me creates a very supportive and encouraging environment. We talk about the same things, have the same routine, share the same interests and are always there to help each other with homework or going over choreography together. What I value most about being at Marilyn Rowe House is having the opportunity to not only be supported by my peers and the staff but also having the chance to support the others around me.”

Level 6 student, NSW

“I lived at home with my mum, dad and little brother in a more regional location, so moving into the city has been really exciting. Marilyn Rowe House is very comfortable, and it’s like living in a home away from home. The food’s great, and the other students and carers are wonderful. It’s like I have a bunch of new big brothers and sisters, which is great because I’m the youngest in the house and they have all made me feel right at home.”

Level 4 student, NSW

“I’m surrounded by like-minded friends, and we already feel like one big family. We laugh, play games, stretch, eat and support each other through everything. I can’t begin to explain how lucky I am, as without this I may have had to return to Brisbane."

Level 5 student, Queensland

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