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International Students

International Students

The Australian Ballet School welcomes students from across the globe into the Training Program and we maintain strong relationships with top calibre ballet institutions worldwide.

Each year, we accept international students into the Full-Time Program (Level 4 to 8).

The Australian Ballet School gives students a chance to immerse themselves in Australia's vibrant ballet community, learn from exceptional teachers and gain a world-class education in classical and contemporary dance training. In addition to this, students will gain a rich cultural experience in one of the world's most livable cities, Melbourne.

 Applicants must read our "International Students Course and Audition Information" before submitting a Digital Audition Application.

The Australian Ballet School is an Accredited Course Provider for Levels 5 to 8
CRICOS Provider Code 00253A.
  • International Student Fees

    Diploma of Dance - Elite Performance

    First Year - Level 5

    Annual Enrolment Fee: $500

    Dance Tuition Level 5: $13,000

    English language tuition: $3,500

    Second Year - Level 6

    Annual Enrolment Fee: $500

    Dance Tuition Level 6: $13,000

    English language tuition: $3,500

    Advanced Diploma of Dance - Elite Performance

    One Year Course Only - Level 7

    Annual Enrolment Fee: $500

    Dance Tuition Level 7: $14,000

    English language tuition: $3,500

    Graduate Diploma of Classical Ballet

    One Year Course Only – Graduate Year Level 8

    Annual Enrolment Fee: $500

    Dance Tuition Level 8: $14,500

    English language tuition: $3,500

  • English Language Requirements

    All students from non-English speaking backgrounds who are accepted into The Australian Ballet School are required to have a basic comprehension of the English language. At the time of audition, overseas students may be required to be tested by ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students) and then, if necessary, be tutored in conversational English on arrival in Australia. This is organised by The Australian Ballet School and conducted within normal school hours.

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation is available via our Boarding Programme.

  • Helpful Links

    For more information on Melbourne and Australia, see the following websites: for useful links to many other informative sites for listings of events and lifestyle options a program that connects international students to Victoria’s sports, art and iconic destinations useful information for students and residents, available in several languages the official tourism website for Melbourne & Victoria

    For further information on Public Transport, visit The Met website

    For further information on Health Insurance and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), visit the Australian Health Management (AHM)

    For further information on Student Visas, visit the Department of Immigration website

    For rental accommodation information, visit

    For maps of Melbourne addresses, visit

Learn How to Audition

Entry into the Training Program requires audition. Learn about our audition modes.

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