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VET Student Loans

Update: 2/12/2020

  • Due to legislative changes affecting VSL, VET Student Loans are now referred to as VETSL debts.
  • VESTL debts are now separate from other forms of HELP/HELP debt.
  • VETSL debts are now overseen by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

VET Student Loans are provided by the Australian Government through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. Your VET Student Loan debt (VETSL debt) must be paid back at the relevant repayment rate when your income is above the compulsory repayment threshold.

The compulsory repayment threshold is adjusted each year. The compulsory repayment threshold for the 2020-2021 income year is $46,620. This means you will only begin to repay your VETSL debt once you earn over $46,620 (this amount is adjusted each year).

If you are an eligible student, the Department may approve your VETSL debt for an approved course. The Department will pay your loan directly to your approved course provider, i.e. the School. You will be responsible for any gap amount in the tuition fees, which are not covered by the loan. You will owe a debt to the Australian Government for the loan, which will be managed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).



To be an eligible student, you must meet ALL of the below criteria.


You are:

  • an Australian citizen, or
  • a qualifying New Zealand citizen[1], or
  • a permanent humanitarian visa holder, who is usually resident in Australia.



  • Your VETSL debt balance (the amount of your VETSL limit you have left) will sufficiently cover the required course costs.
  • You are enrolled with an approved course provider in an approved course and have enrolled in accordance with the application requirements.
  • You are studying the approved course primarily at a campus in Australia.
  • You have been assessed by your approved course provider as academically suited to undertake the approved course on the basis of either:
    • providing your Australian Year 12 Certificate; OR
    • providing evidence of successful completion of an Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate IV or higher qualification (where the language of instruction is English); OR
    • displaying competence at Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both reading and numeracy through an approved Language, Literacy and Numeracy test (to be completed at The Australian Ballet School).
  • Your approved course provider must reasonably believe you show competence in completing the course.
  • You meet the Tax File Number (TFN) requirements.
  • You have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) or are otherwise exempt.


[1] a qualifying New Zealand citizen is a New Zealand citizen who meets all of the following criteria:

  • holds a special visa category, such as the New Zealand Special Category Visa (SCV);
  • has been usually resident in Australia for at least 10 years;
  • was a dependent child when he or she was first usually resident in Australia;
  • has been in Australia for periods totalling 8 years during the previous 10 years; and
  • has been in Australia for periods totalling 18 months during the previous 2 years.



The Australian Ballet School is currently approved to offer VET Student Loans for the following courses:

  • Diploma of Dance Elite Performance (CUA50113)
  • Advanced Diploma of Dance Elite Performance (CUA60113)
  • Graduate Diploma of Classical Ballet (10296NAT)

Further information about specific fees and charges for these courses are contained in each course section on The Australian Ballet School’s website.



More information regarding VET Student Loans can be found in: VET Student Loans Information Booklet (link to Department of Education, Skills and Employment website)





School fees have been updated in line with changes implemented due to COVID-19.

Diploma of Dance

Advanced Diploma of Dance

Graduate Diploma of Dance