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Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Awards

16-18 June 2023

Registrations are now closed.

Presented every two years, the Scholarship Awards program is an opportunity for aspiring young dancers to demonstrate their ability and compete for scholarships to train at Australia’s national centre for excellence in vocational dance training, The Australian Ballet School.

Program participants:
    - Access world-class facilities at the Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre

    - Participate in masterclasses with staff of The Australian Ballet School

    - Perform before a panel of highly respected dance professionals

    - Have the chance to win one of many financial scholarships to attend various training opportunities at The Australian Ballet School

    - Advance their skills and understanding of ballet amongst like-minded students

    - Receive support and encouragement

        “The Australian Ballet School’s philosophy is one that embraces maximising ability and producing thinking artists who are healthy in body and mind. We are committed to creating an environment where students are inspired and well prepared to take that next big leap towards their ballet dreams.”

        Lisa Pavane, Director of The Australian ballet School

        “The Australian Ballet School is one of the great vocational Ballet schools of world. It is very exciting that dancers from across the country will be able to come together to compete for opportunities to train at this prestigious school. For more than 55 years the majority of The Australian Ballet's dancers have trained through The Australian Ballet School and this Scholarship could be the beginning for the next generation of young dancers to also become members of our national company. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful initiative of The Australian Ballet School.”

        David McAllister AM, Former Director of The Australian Ballet