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Events suspended due to COVID-19

If you have registered for an event/program that has been announced as suspended due to the COVID-19 situation, any payments* made to the School will be held over in credit and applied to the rescheduled date. If the event is ultimately cancelled by the School, you will be refunded.

*This excludes Intensive Training Session Boarding payments. If you have paid for your child to be accommodated in boarding for the Female Level 3 & Invitee Intensive Training Session, your payment will be automatically refunded.

Events planned to proceed

If you have registered for an event/program that is planned to proceed at this stage, the School’s Refund Policy continues to apply, i.e. the School is unable to offer refunds unless the event/program is cancelled by the School.

If you are experiencing financial hardship at this time, please contact the School to request a refund due to exceptional circumstances.

1. How to Make an Application or Purchase 

1.1. Applications and purchases can only be made via the School’s website: 

1.2. By making an application or purchase you agree to these terms and conditions.

1.3. You must fully read the relevant information on the website.

1.4. You must fully read any relevant Information Sheet available via the website.

1.5. You must complete all required details at each stage of the online application.

1.6. If you are applying for the Scholarship Awards, you must submit 1 photo, 1 music accompaniment and 1 proof of age, as detailed in the Scholarship Awards section below.

1.7. If you are applying for an Audition, you must submit the 2 photos as detailed in the Auditions section below.

1.8. All stages of the application process must be completed by the related due date listed on the School’s website.

2. Age Limits

2.1. The School reserves the right to refuse or cancel an enrolment if an applicant does not fulfil the age requirements for the event.


2.2. Applicants for the Intra/Interstate/International Training Programme (ITP) must be from 8 to 13 years old as at 30 June in the auditioning year for intake in the year following the audition. 

2.3. Applicants for the Full-Time Programme (FTP) must be from 13 to 18 years old as at 30 June in the auditioning year for intake in the year following the audition.


2.4. Applicants for the Scholarship Awards must be from 10 to 17 years old on the day the event begins. Applicants will be required to upload proof of age in the form of a birth certificate or passport during the online application process.


2.5. Applicants for Open Masterclasses must be from 9 to 17 years old on the day of the event.

2.6. Applicants for Winter School must be from 9 to 16 years old on the day the event begins.

2.7. Applicants for Summer School - Open Programme must be from 8 to 18 years old on the day the event begins.

2.8. Applicants for Summer School - Pre Professional Programme must be from 14 to 17 years old on the day the event begins.

2.9. Applicants for Summer School - Boys Programme must be from 10 to 13 years old on the day the event begins.

2.10. Applicants for Summer School – Creative Programme must be from 6 to 7 years old on the day the event begins.

2.11. Applicants for Early Learning Classes and Boys Ballet Classes must be within the age or academic range specified for the class on the day of the first class.

3. Closing Dates and Availability

3.1. Bookings for events must be made by the advertised due date for each event, as listed on the School’s website.

3.2. Early booking is advised as numbers are limited and events may book out.

3.3. The School may, at its discretion, offer a wait list for events and, if applicable, offer places in order of their entry onto the wait list. If no response to such an offer is received within a reasonable amount of time (determined on a case-by-case basis by the School), the offer will be made to the next person on the list.

4. Fees and Payment

4.1. Payment must made via the School’s website to finalise a booking.

4.2. Applicants must enrol and pay in advance. Bookings cannot be made without payment.

4.3. Discounted “Early Bird Fees” for events are generally available, at the School’s discretion, up until three weeks prior to the event start date. After that time the standard fee will apply.

5. Confirmation for Events (Including Open Classes, Auditions and Scholarship Awards)

5.1. Approximately two weeks prior to the event, all applicants will receive a confirmation communication providing details of registration, venue and schedule.

5.2. If you have not received any communication from the School one week prior to the event it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the School.

6. Venues

6.1. Please refer to the website or confirmation communications for venue details relevant to each event

6.2. For all enquiries please contact the School, not the venue, on 03 9669 2807 or

7. Costume and/or Dress

7.1. Preferred dress for Open Classes and Auditions:

1. Girls: Leotard, ballet tights, ballet shoes
2. Boys: Singlet top/t-shirt and tights or full length tights/unitard with socks and ballet flats

7.2. Please see Scholarship Awards sections for Scholarship Awards costume/dress requirements. 

8. Refund Policy 


8.1. In the case of classes/events other than Winter School and Summer School (including Open Masterclasses, the National Audition Tour, Early Learning Classes, and ITP classes), the School is unable to offer refunds unless the class/event is cancelled by the School.

8.2. In exceptional circumstances, the School may consider a refund. Applicants must make the request in writing and provide appropriate written verification/documentation e.g. medical certificates. 


8.3. A strict cancellation fee of $100 will apply to all Summer School applications, and $60 to all Winter School applications

8.4. In exceptional circumstances, Winter/Summer School applicants may apply in writing for credit transfer to Winter/Summer School for the following year. This must be accompanied by appropriate written verification/documentation e.g. medical certificates.

8.5. The School is generally unable to offer refunds for any Winter/Summer School cancellations after applications have closed.

8.6. Subject to written verification/medical certificates being received by the School, a partial refund minus the Winter/Summer School cancellation fee may be given in exceptional circumstances for Winter/Summer School cancellations made after the application closing date but prior to commencement. Refunds are not available once Winter/Summer School has commenced.


8.7. In the case of merchandise; if merchandise if defective, or is damaged during shipping, the School will refund the purchase price upon receipt of adequate proof defect or damage, at the School’s discretion.

9. Student Health and Emergencies 

9.1. By making an application and/or booking a student into an event at The Australian Ballet School the student’s parent/carer authorises staff of the School, in the case of an emergency, to obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment for the student and agrees to meet any expenses attached to such treatment.

9.2. Parents must advise the School in advance of an event/session if their child has health problems and/or requires medication while attending a session. Staff of the School take care of applicants during their classes, but cannot be responsible for the administration of medication or ensuring suitable health precautions are in place to suit all participants.

10. Risks and Loss

10.1. In booking into a session with the School, participants (or their parents/guardians) acknowledge that activities are physical and may involve the risk of accidents occurring.

10.2. In the case of performances; applicants perform at their own risk and agree they are of good health and are physically able to participate in the performance. The School is not liable for any injury sustained during performances and associated classes.

10.3. The Australian Ballet School will not be liable for personal items lost or stolen. Valuables should not be brought into venues and any bags or other items should be left with someone nominated by the applicant at all times. Unidentified lost property will be held by The Australian Ballet School for one month only. 

11. Conditions

11.1. The Australian Ballet School (the School) reserves the right to make amendments to its schedule without prior notice either before or during a session or to cancel a session.

11.2. The School reserves the right to merge published age groups and schedule classes as required.

11.3. The School reserves the right to refuse any enrolment as permitted by law or to request a participant to leave a session if he/she is disruptive, late, or due to unpaid fees.

11.4. Any person found responsible for defacing or damaging the venue or equipment will be disqualified and an invoice raised to recover from them any costs of repair.

11.5. The School provides supervision of participants during session hours only.

11.6. The School and all venues used by it are non-smoking.

11.7. Waiting room facilities and studio seating are not available at venues.

12. Recording, photographs, video, media and publicity

12.1. The Australian Ballet School may take and use photographs and videos during sessions of applicants for promotional and archival purposes. All material recorded is the copyright of The Australian Ballet School and not available for resale.

12.2. If you do not wish to have your child’s photograph or video used by The Australian Ballet School please advise us via, and have the applicant alert staff at the venue on the day of the event.

12.3. If photography or video is taking place the student/attendee must, wherever possible, alert the photographer/videographer and remove themselves or re-locate so they are not being photographed or filmed.

12.4. Participants may not make recordings of (including audio, videos or photos) or transmit by any mean, medium or device (including the internet, email and social media) any activities managed by the School and/or at the School or other venues.

12.5. Recordings of class work are not provided to participants.

13. Privacy

13.1. The Australian Ballet School collects and uses applicant information in accordance with the relevant privacy legislation.

14. Staff

14.1. The Australian Ballet School teachers are all highly skilled dance professionals. All members of staff at The Australian Ballet School have undergone a Working with Children Check from the Department of Justice, Victoria.

15. Child Safe Standards

15.1. The School’s commitment to child safety is based on the Seven Child Safety Standards that align with the Victorian Child Safe Standards and related child protection laws. These standards and the three principles underpin the development of the School’s work systems, practices, policies and procedures to protect children to maintain a child safe environment and embed an organisational culture of child safety within the School community. The School is committed to the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse and demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of Child Protection policies designed to empower children and to keep children safe.

16. Feedback

16.1. The School does not provide any participant with individual feedback outside of sessions/classes.

16.2. No further feedback or discussion will be entered into following Auditions.

16.3. No further feedback or discussion will be entered following the Scholarship Awards.

17. Auditions

17.1. Applicants must submit two full-length photos. One in each of the following positions:

1. Facing side in profile to the camera with feet in parallel 1st.
2. Tendu à la seconde à terre en face with arms in 2nd.

Scholarship Awards – General Information

18.1. The Scholarship Awards is open to dance students, including overseas students, who are within the eligible age bracket.

18.2. The Scholarship Awards is not open to existing Melbourne students currently enrolled in either the After School Programme or Full-Time Programme at The Australian Ballet School.

18.3. Applications must be received by the closing date. Class sizes per age group will be capped and may book-out prior to the closing date.

18.4. Age groups are for Open Masterclasses and Preliminaries.

18.5. Enquiries regarding the Scholarship Awards should be directed to the School on 03 9669 2807 or 

19. Scholarship Awards – Awards and Panel

19.1. Failure to comply with any of the rules, terms and conditions outlined in this document, or communicated to attendees by any other means, may cause withholding of prizes and/or disqualification where applicable.

19.2. The Australian Ballet School will announce one Supreme winner and two Runner-Up prizes per age group. Total prize value of all three sections is approximately $37,000.

19.3. The Supreme Scholarship prize is credited to the winners’ fees and is for a one-year enrolment beginning late-January, in the year following the event, in line with The Australian Ballet School’s advertised term dates, through to the conclusion of term four in December.

19.4. Supreme Scholarship prizes are as follows:

1. 10 – 12 age group: one-year tuition fees in the After School Programme/Interstate Training Programme with The Australian Ballet School.
2. 13 – 14 age group: one-year tuition fees for full-time training at The Australian Ballet School or Interstate Training Programme depending on age of the winner.
3. 15 – 17 age group: one-year tuition fees for full-time training at The Australian Ballet School.

19.5. Judging Panel will select a total of 24 Finalists across all age groups.

19.6. Two runner-up prizes in each age group will provide each recipient with a two-week training opportunity at The Australian Ballet School.

19.7. Additional prizes maybe awarded at the discretion of the Director of The Australian Ballet School.

19.8. The Scholarship Awards Panel members will consist of staff from both The Australian Ballet School and The Australian Ballet.

19.9. All applicants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

19.10. No written reports will be given.

19.11. The panel’s decision is final.

19.12. If a satisfactory standard is not achieved, the decision to award prizes will be at the discretion of the panel.

19.13. Communication with the panel is strictly prohibited. If it is established that an applicant or person associated with an applicant has made personal contact with the panel before or during the competition then that applicant will be disqualified. 

20. Scholarship Awards – Masterclass, Preliminary Performance and Finals

20.1. All applicants will be required for registration on the first day of the event.

20.2. All applicants will participate in a Masterclass taken by staff of The Australian Ballet School on the first two days of the event. Preferred dress for Masterclasses:

1. Girls: Leotard, pink ballet tights, ballet shoes. Pointe shoes will be required for applicants age 15 upwards.
2. Boys: Singlet top/t-shirt and tights or full length tights/unitard with socks and ballet flats

20.3. All applicants will be required to perform a Classical Variation (details below) in traditional costume at the Sunday Preliminary Performance for possible selection into the Finals on Sunday evening.

20.4. If, during a performance, a substantial costume malfunction occurs, including footwear, that the stage manager deems a health and safety risk, the music will stop and the applicant should leave the floor immediately. The stage manager will provide further instructions and the applicant may recommence the performance without penalty.

20.5. The use of house curtains is not permitted.

20.6. Lighting arrangements will be at the direction of The Australian Ballet School and stage management.

20.7. No curtsey or bow is permitted during the preliminaries. Only at the Finals should applicants curtsey or bow at the conclusion of their dance.

20.8. Applicants’ age 10-14 years will perform a Classical Solo of their own choice, and must be 1½ -2 minutes duration.

20.9. Applicants’ age 15-17 will be required to perform a Classical Variation from the prescribed list (see below). The duration of Classical Variations must be no longer than 3 minutes duration. Please note that although applicants have been asked to submit their anticipated choice of variation on the initial application form; applicants can amend their choice up to two weeks prior to the event by emailing In this situation the alternative music accompaniment must also be provided within 2 business days of notifying the School of the change.

20.10. Female Applicants Classical Solo/Variation:

1. The use of pointe shoes for applicants aged 10-12 is not permitted.
2. The use of pointe shoes for applicants aged 13-14 is at their own choice.
3. The use of pointe shoes for applicants aged 15-17 is required.

20.11. Dressing Room facilities are very limited at the venue. Applicants are therefore requested to come as pre-prepared as possible; including hair and make-up.

20.12. Resin is not to be used at any venue.

20.13. No applicant may rehearse in competition venues.

20.14. No teacher, parent or supervisor will be allowed in the studios, backstage, on stage or in the wings at any time.

20.15. Eight Finalists per section will be chosen. Finalists repeat the same Classical Variation in the Finals held Sunday evening at the Finals Venue which is usually the State Theatre, Art Centre Melbourne. Finalists perform in the same costumes as previously presented at the Preliminary Performance on Sunday.

20.16. Ticket sales for the Finals, and possibly the Preliminary Performances, will be available. Further information regarding this will be released closer to the date.  

21. Scholarship Awards – Items to Submit 


21.1. Applicants must submit 1 full-length photo in the following position: Tendu a la seconde a terre en face with arms in second.

21.2. Photos must be in .JPG format and of sufficient size and quality to be printed on half an A4 sheet.


21.3. Applicants must submit 1 proof of age document. An image of a birth certificate or passport must be provided in .JPG format and of sufficient quality and size for the details to be legible.


21.4. Applicants must provide 1 music file for their music accompaniment. Music accompaniment must be provided in .WAV file format of professional quality.

21.5. The Australian Ballet School will not be liable for any copyright infringement and applicants should be aware of the APRA rules of copyright. Any rights that should be obtained in respect of recorded music for performance are the responsibility of the performer.

21.6. Music accompaniment may be a piano or orchestral arrangement.

21.7. The music file must be fully checked prior to submission. The Australian Ballet School takes no responsibility for any error in playback of the file.

21.8. If music accompaniment fails during the performance, the applicant should stop dancing, leave the stage immediately and wait for instruction from the stage manager. If the problem can be rectified the applicant may recommence performance without penalty. 

22. Scholarship Awards – Classical Variations for applicants aged 15 to 17

22.1. Applicants aged 15 to 17 must wear traditional costumes.

22.2. Applicants are to adhere to, or as close to as possible, the traditional/professional repertoire.

22.3. Applicants must choose from the following list of variations:


1.1. Satanella’s Solo
2.1. Swanhilda’s Variation, Act 3
3.1. Queen of the Dryads, Act 2
3.2. Kitri’s Solo, Act 2 (Dulcinea Solo)
3.3. Kitri’s Solo, Act 3
4.1. Giselle’s Solo, Act 1
5.1. 1st Soloist Variation (Kingdom of the Shades)
5.2. 2nd Soloist Variation (Kingdom of the Shades)
5.3. 3rd Soloist Variation (Kingdom of the Shades)
5.4. Gamzatti Variation from Grand Pas de Deux, Act 2
6.1. La Esmeralda’s Variation Act 1
7.1. Odalisque 3rd Variation, Act 1
8.1. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
9.1. Pizzicato Variation Act 1, Dream Scene
9.2. Dream Solo, 2nd Variation, Act 2, 6/8 Allegretto
10.1. Fairy 1: Candide/Candor/Crystal Fountain
10.2. Fairy 2: Coulante/Fleur de farine/Flowing/Wheat Flower Fairy
10.3. Fairy 3: Breadcrumb/Fairy of Generosity/Miettes qui tombet, D major, 2/4 allegro moderato
10.4. Fairy 4: Canari/Songbirds
10.5. Fairy 5: Violente/Fairy of Passion 2/4 allegro molto vivace
10.6. Fairy 6: Lilac Fairy/Fairy of Wisdom
10.7. Lilac Fairy Variation, Act 3
10.8. Aurora’s Variation, Act 1
10.9. Princess Florine’s Solo Act 3
10.10. Aurora’s Variation, Act 3
11.1. Odile’s Variation, Black Swan, Act 3


1.1. Franz’s Variation, Act 3
2.1. Peasant Pas de Deux 2nd Variation, Act 1
2.2. Count Albrecht’s Variation, Act 2
3.1. Basilio’s Variation, Act 3
4.1. Golden Idol Variation
5.1. James’ Variation, Act 1
6.1. Slave Variation, Act 2
7.1. Male Variation
8.1. Grand Pas de Deux Male Solo (Tarantella) from Act 2
9.1. Jean de Brienne’s Variation, Act 3
10.1. Pas de Trois, Act 1
10.2. Siegfried’s Variation, Act 3