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The Australian Ballet School 


Board: The Board of Directors of The Australian Ballet School acting as the Board.

Confidentiality: where this or in any other grammatical form is used, means non-disclosure of information, whether oral or written in any form, as far as circumstances allow.

Contractor: an independent individual or organization that works with the School to complete a job or to provide a service or materials, and includes a subcontractor.

Consultant: an independent individual or organization engaged by the School to provide expert business advice, often in relation to a specific project. Employee

Assistance Program (EAP): online confidential counselling and support service for staff members, to assist with work-related and mental health and psychological wellbeing. Initial sessions are free.  

Marilyn Rowe House (MRH): includes all areas of the property located at 262 The Avenue, Parkville, Victoria in which is the boarding residence for students at The Australian Ballet School.

Natural Justice: the right of a person against whom an allegation is made, to know what is alleged against them, the right to put their case in reply and the right for any decision to be made by an impartial decisionmaker.

School Activities: any activities undertaken on the School Premises or conducted by or on behalf of the School external to the School Premises, including but not limited to travel for the purpose of such activities.

School Community: includes Board members, all Staff Members including staff of Marilyn Rowe House (MRH), students, parents/guardians/carers Volunteers, Contractors and Consultants.

School Premises: includes all areas of the Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre (including the Level 4 walkway, Level 1 entrance and car park), the surrounding public space areas and MRH. Where any other areas/locations are used for School Activities (including transport by means to and from School Activities), these are included for the purpose of this definition.

Staff Member: refers to a person employed by the School, whether pursuant to a written contract of employment or otherwise, irrespective of the nature or period of their employment. This includes a person employed on a full-time, part-time or casual basis, or a contract for a specified period of time.

Volunteer: refers to a person engaged by the School, under a written volunteer agreement to provide a service to the School for no financial compensation, irrespective of the nature or the period of the engagement. This includes a work experience/internship or vocational placement student, but excludes the Board.