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Academic Studies

LEVELS 4 – 7

Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (VCASS)

The Australian Ballet School aims to develop a creative and caring environment conducive to producing artistic, educated and outstanding dancers of the highest international standard. The School trains dancers to a vocational level.

The School’s academic provider, VCASS, provides high quality academic education to several elite training organisations. The School has chosen VCASS for our students because of its commitment to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment that recognises and caters for the different academic, artistic, cultural, health and pastoral needs of students. The partnership with VCASS is highly valued by the School. It allows our students to commence in our Full-Time Programme from Level 4, and maintain the highest level of academic education whilst developing their dance skill.

"students maintain the highest level of academic
education whilst developing their dance skill"

In Level 4, dance training is combined with allied dance subjects and either a Year 7, 8 or 9 academic programme. The academic year is dependent on the students’ age and previous study. Level 5 & 6 students study for the Diploma of Dance, combining dance training with allied dance subjects and a VCASS academic programme. Level 7 students are enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of Dance and selected VCE units as well as other allied academic and dance subjects. Students study VCE units in Drama, Music, Psychology and Dance Perspectives. Additionally, students are also enrolled in VCE English and may choose to study one subject via Distance Education.

This academic programme, which incorporates VCE units in Level 6 & 7, allows students to complete their secondary education whilst committing the required hours to their dance training. However, due to the demands of the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Dance, students do not receive an ATAR score. If an ATAR score is required for tertiary admission, it is necessary to complete other scored VCE subjects. If students leave before completing the Year 12 at VCASS, the School and VCASS can assist with transition into a suitable academic programme such as ‘Year 13’ at VCASS. ‘Year 13’ is a new initiative that allows students who want to change career direction to complete a transition year in preparation for tertiary education. It is a priority for The Australian Ballet School that all students have a broad-based, comprehensive education which equips them to pursue vocations in dance and the allied arts, and also in areas outside dance.


High level of expert instruction in a school dedicated to the performing arts
Handbook and course material
Creation and provision of class resources
Access to the cafeteria at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School
Access to the VCASS library, including IT access
Access to professional services of Student Counsellor
ID card, providing a number of useful student discounts


VCASS is the academic provider for all full-time students at The Australian Ballet School in Levels 4-7. This enables students to complete their academic education alongside the core curriculum components of the School’s training programmes. 

Level 4 – 7 students are invoiced separately by VCASS, a government school, for professional services.

In certain cases, there are cost-savings which can be applied for through VCASS:

Families in need can apply for the Educational Maintenance Allowance ($300 approximately) to assist in covering the VCASS fee.

The VCASS Conveyance Allowance can be applied for to give generous travel concessions (up to approximately $525) to those not living in the immediate area. To receive this allowance from the Department of Education & Training, a student concession myki card must be purchased and the student must live further than 4.8km away from the school in which they are enrolled.

For more information regarding the academic programme at VCASS for students of The Australian Ballet School, please visit the VCASS website at