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Upcoming performances

by The Australian Ballet School |

This year the curtain rises again to present our annual Morning Melodies performances. With a diverse repertoire, our loving audiences will have the opportunity to watch the ballet stars of the future performing live classical ballet to contemporary works by an exciting array of choreographers, including Lucas Jervies, Stephen Baynes and Simon Dow.  


These daytime performances  present an excellent opportunity to prepare our students for their professional careers. Come and witness their talent, artistry, and skill performing live for the first time in 2022.



Morning Melodies at Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall

Tuesday 24 May 2022, 11am and 1:30pm

Bookings: Arts Centre Melbourne Box Office


Morning Music at Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds

Friday 27 May 2022, 11am and 2pm

Booking details: Clocktower Centre Box Office