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The Dancers Company - Life on Tour

by The Australian Ballet School |

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The Dancers Company was formed in 1980 and each year since, in their final of training at the School, Level 8 students are employed by The Australian Ballet to tour regional areas of Australia. This is such an amazing opportunity, not only to experience what it is like to be in a professional ballet company, dancing numerous performances and touring, all the while supporting them to develop their technical ability, stamina, artistry and stagecraft.

We asked three students to share their experience of The Australian Ballet Regional Tour this year:

What was the most beneficial aspect of your time on tour?

“The most beneficial part of Regional Tour was having the amazing opportunity to gain an insight into working with a professional touring company. We were also very fortunate to work with many of the artistic staff of The Australian Ballet and take a piece of valuable knowledge and experience from each of them along the way, for which we will cherish throughout our careers.”  Leisel Rose

What did you learn the most?

“Personally, tour taught me about self-discipline and focus while being in a company setting. Having later starts in the morning and the freedom that comes with living with all of your friends, are a few of the changes from my regular life that I experienced on tour. Learning how to stay focused and healthy throughout this time was one of the bigger challenges, but looking back now I am really proud of how I coped with it and I think I've gained knowledge that will be really useful in my future.”  Alexandra Cramer

What is it like to be in a professional ballet company?

“Being in a professional company was very different from being in a school. You are given much more freedom however that also comes with much more responsibility. In a school scenario you have classes to help you recover and prevent injuries but when you are touring with a company most of it is left up to you. Performing nearly every day is the most fun you could have I think! You get to go out on stage and try new things each time. I personally tried to develop a character more and more with each performance.”  Alain Juelg


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