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I Feel Good About The School

by The Australian Ballet School |

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Earlier in the year, Australian Ballet School staff participated in an Introduction to Positive Education delivered by the Institute of Positive Education. Centred on the concept of learning to ‘flourish’; their model aims to build a positive culture that places wellbeing at the core of education.



The program place emphasis on promoting the wellbeing of students, helping them prepare for the inevitable challenges and stresses beyond school. At the School, we too aim to develop thinking artists who are healthy in body, mind and spirit, in an environment that is creative, nurturing and where excellence can indeed flourish.



Using the Institute of Positive Education’s tenets of ‘Learn It, Live It, Teach It, Embed It’ - we held a Positive Education Health and Wellbeing Focus Week during the last week of our school term, entitled Positive Pauses. Students and staff created and enjoyed multiple breaks within the week’s schedule and as a whole school community, we enjoyed opportunities to pause, quieten and connect with ourselves and others.

Through brief mindfulness pauses, meditation, yoga stretches, mindful walking and colouring, inspirational quotes, ‘time out for tea’ and some fun physical activities including twister, pick up sticks and more, the week was extremely well received by staff, students and families.


Photography by the staff of The Australian Ballet School

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