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Graduation 2019

by The Australian Ballet School |

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Graduate Class of 2019 with Director Lisa Pavane

Director Lisa Pavane with Dux of the School 2019, Lilly Maskery

Congratulations to all our 2019 graduates and award recipients.

In acknowledgement of Christine Howard’s 40th year of service to the School, we were delighted to announce that the Marina Berezowsky Award for Excellence in Character Dance will now be recognised as the Berezowsky - Howard Award for Excellence in Character Dance.

Christine Howard and Director Lisa Pavane.

Encouragement Awards kindly supported by Bloch

Level 3 Encouragement Award: Emma Gavan
Level 4 Encouragement Awards: Charlie Tough and Jeremy Hargreaves
Level 5 Encouragement Awards: Indiana Scott and Tadgh Robinson
Level 6 Encouragement Awards: Jessica Stratton-Smith and Hirotaka Yamada
Level 7 Encouragement Awards: Sophie Beaty and Matthew Maxwell

    Special Awards kindly supported by Bloch

    The Berezowsky-Howard Award For Excellence in Character Dance, awarded to:

      Mio Bayly
      Samara Merrick
      Anna Stewart
      Flynn Stelfox
      Hibiki Tsukamoto
      The Graeme Murphy Award For Excellence in Contemporary Dance:
        Sophie Beaty
        Lilla Harvey
        Hannah Sergi
        Hugo Dumapit      
        Izaak Westhead

        The Areti Boyaci Award For Excellence in Spanish Dance:

        Luca Armstrong
        Hugo Dumapit


          Academic High Achiever and BBM Awards

          Nominee of the VCASS Junior Academic Most Improved Award: Seth Marshall
          Recipient of the Level 5 VCASS/ABS Academic Award: Amy Ronnfeldt and Sophie Burke
          Excellence in Maths Methods Award from Virtual School Victoria: Jessica Stratton-Smith
          The BBM Youth Support Ballet Travel Scholarship: Leisel Rose
          2019 ABS Community Award: Bryce Latham


            Awards for Excellence kindly supported by Bloch and the generosity of our supporters 

            Level 2 Award for Excellence: Lilly Keith
            Level 3 Award for Excellence: Rebecca Lopes
            Level 4 Awards for Excellence: Tiombe Davies and Nateeqa Sazali
            Level 5 Awards for Excellence: Indira Mayrani and Amy Ronnfeldt
            Level 6 Awards for Excellence: Samara Merrick and Flynn Stelfox
            Level 7 Awards for Excellence: Lilla Harvey and Hugo Dumapit

            School Captains 2020

            Vice Captains:

            Emily McCracken
            George Thomson

            School Captains:

            Annabelle Watt
            Izaak Westhead

            Honorary Diploma of Dance - Ako Kondo

            The Australian Ballet School’s Honorary Diploma of Dance recognises the achievements of outstanding professionals who have trained at The Australian Ballet School but were either not able to complete the course/qualification or entered the course part way through. Previous recipients for this award were outstanding students during their training at The Australian Ballet School. They have had, or continue to have, significant careers in such areas of the industry as dance, artistic direction, teaching or choreography. Because these artists were of the standard to graduate but were unable to attain the qualification, this Honorary Diploma of Dance is criteria based and recognises the contribution made by them to ballet in Australia or overseas.

            Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction (10689NAT)

            The Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction is awarded following the successful completion of all units of competency and is generally completed part-time over a period of 2 to 3 years.

            2019 Graduates:

            Jiayin Du
            Chengwu Guo

            Diploma of Dance Elite Performance (CUA50113)

            The Diploma of Dance Elite Performance is awarded following the successful completion of all units of competency delivered across Level 5 and 6.

            2019 Recipients: 

            Mio Bayly
            Philippa Crawley
            Abbey Hansen
            Layla Kluss
            My Le
            Emily Masters
            Samara Merrick
            Ion Ohta
            Ella Pukallus
            Anna Stewart
            Charlotte Stratton-Smith
            Jessica Stratton-Smith
            Rhiannon Tringas
            Georgia Waite
            Helena Williams
            Harrison Bradley
            Oliver Evans
            Oliver Hoddinott
            Nicholas Johnson
            Rikuto Kubota
            Bryce Latham
            Flynn Stelfox
            Hibiki Tsukamoto
            Hirotaka Yamada


            Advanced Diploma of Dance Elite Performance (CUA60113)

            The Advanced Diploma of Dance Elite Performance is awarded following the successful completion of units of competencies studied in Level 7.

            2019 Recipients:

            Pamela Barnes
            Sophie Beaty
            Stephanie Blann
            Lily Boston
            Jemma Braun
            Emma Dowling
            Hannah Goetze
            Bonnie Grice
            Lilla Harvey
            Saya Ikeda
            Izabella Kriek
            Emily McCracken
            Sophie McDonald
            Hannah Sergi
            Ella Vivian-Kay
            Annabelle Watt
            Maidie Widmer
            Benjamin Anderson
            Luca Armstrong
            Hugo Dumapit
            Rab Flanigan
            Luke Tabbernal
            George Thomson
            Izaak Westhead


            Graduate Diploma of Classical Ballet (10296NAT)

            The Class of 2019:

            Karina Arimura
            Mathilda Ballantyne
            Alexandra Cramer
            Amelia Dawe
            Ziggy Debrincat
            Adam Elmes
            Heidi Freeman
            Mao Fujita
            Thomas Gannon
            Benjamin Garrett
            Ines Hargreaves
            Grace Heinnen
            Shu Igarashi
            Alain Juelg
            Larissa Kiyoto-Ward
            Lachlan Mair
            Lilly Maskery
            Briana McAllen
            Jett Ramsay
            Louis Ramsay
            Leisel Rose
            Belle Urwin


            Dux 2019

            Lilly Maskery

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