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From our Director

by The Australian Ballet School |

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2020  a most unexpected year that challenged us all to be patient, accepting, resilient and courageous. I can proudly say that through this most disrupted year, our staff and students have demonstrated:

  • Creativity in their teaching and learning;
  • Nurturing for each other during the remote period and in our recent return to the studios;
  • Artistic expression, through many conversations, choreographic outcomes and dancing through masks;
  • Passion; never giving up on the dream even on the most difficult of days.

This year the School community has drawn on incredible resilience, especially in the more challenging days. I know I have needed to dig deep too. We have needed to maintain confidence, perspective and to be flexible in our thinking and planning. We have had to understand that carefully made plans needed to be amended.

2020 was undoubtedly a year of amendments.

Through the challenges, we also achieved some beautiful learnings, incredible growth and maturity and silver linings. We have witnessed a strength of character and positivity that we believe will set our students on a path with inspired insight and preparation for life ahead.

I have been incredibly moved by the positivity of our students, their get-up-and-go spirit, and the unwavering support from their families. I know it has not been easy, but their dedication and commitment truly inspired us an organisation to rise and meet their courage. Together, we made it through.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank every member of our community for your support and encouragement this year. Please keep well and safe, and here’s to a wonderful New Year.

– Lisa Pavane, Director of The Australian Ballet School

Photo by Lynette Wills

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