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Showcase Performance

The Australian Ballet School presents

Showcase 2019

Every year our dedicated students come together in a dazzling performance demonstrating outstanding technical skill and artistry. In a carefully created showcase of ballets, beauty, symmetry and finesse are balanced with the boundless passion and flair of young talent. The result is an enthralling journey through the traditional and the new, presented by the full-time levels of The Australian Ballet School.


Showcase 2019 took place in Melbourne and Sydney in September 2019.


Showcase 2019 Programme:

  • Tribute to Dame Margaret Scott, Défilé, choreography by Simon Dow
  • New work, choreography by Simon Dow
  • Sketch Tone, choreography by Richard House
  • Journey, choreography by Margaret Wilson
  • La Tarantella Italiana, choreography by Leigh Rowles
  • Divertissement, choreography by Simon Dow
  • After Escher, choreography by Margaret Wilson
  • Who Cares?, choreography by George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust, restaged by Victoria Simon