Intrastate/Interstate/International Training Programme (ITP)

The Intrastate/Interstate/International Training Programme is a sector of The Australian Ballet School providing training opportunities at Levels 1-3* (approximately 9-13 years).

The School offers international, interstate and regional Victorian students the opportunity to train as an ITP.

"My daughter didn't want to come home!!!
She was looked after soooo well.
I highly recommend parents to take up the opportunity!!
A wonderful experience and forever memory."

The ITP is of great benefit to students, as they work in a class of only high aptitude peers, with teachers of high renown. Aside from the training and social experiences gained, involvement in the ITP introduces students to the School’s culture and its unique training programme. The ITP serves as the most advantageous preparation for possible study in The Australian Ballet School’s Full-Time Programme commencing at the age of approximately 13/14 (Level 4).

The ITP has been in operation since 2000 and since that time, there have been a significant number of ITP students who have joined the Full-Time Programme and subsequently gained contracts with The Australian Ballet and other ballet companies in Australia and around the world.

*Please note, Levels 1-3 are not accredited courses.

Who is part of the Interstate/International Training Programme?

Students aged 8-13 (age taken as at 30 June of auditioning year for possible enrollment in the following year) are selected via audition only. Further information about how to audition can be found here. There are approximately 300 students across Australia and overseas involved in the Interstate/International Training Programme.

The School builds relationships internationally, and each year senior artistic staff  travel to Japan and New York to judge the Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition. As a result of this, gifted students may be invited to be part of the ITP. In 2008 there were approximately 70 international students enrolled in our ITP.

How does the ITP operate?

If a student successfully auditions and accepts his or her letter of offer, he or she is welcomed into the greater Australian Ballet School family. All ITP students continue to attend ballet training with their regular ‘home’ teachers, studying their syllabus of choice at their own rate of progress.

In addition to the students’ own ballet arrangements, ITP students are encouraged to access Australian Ballet School training through the following training opportunities:

Personal Visits/Participation in the After School Training Programme
ITP students may attend the After School Programme conducted in Melbourne during the Victorian school terms for as little or as long as personal circumstances allow. For example, some students attend for a week several times a year; others come for a couple of days each month or for several weeks consecutively.

Specialised Coaching Classes
Specialised coaching specifically for ITP students is conducted in most Australian capital cities once a year.

Intensive Training Session
Held at The Australian Ballet School in Melbourne during the Victorian school holiday breaks, Intensive Training Sessions are designed especially to benefit the training progress of ITP students. These sessions run for four days, approximately six hours each day, on an annual basis.

The amount of participation in The Australian Ballet School Training Programme varies for each student, largely depending on individual family circumstances. There is no maximum limit to how often a student may access the programme, however, to be considered for enrolment in each subsequent year (subject to the discretion of the Director) ITP students must participate in at least one training opportunity each year:

How much does participation in the ITP cost?

Apart from the initial audition fee, there is no base fee for inclusion in the ITP and families only pay for the training opportunities accessed. Other costs involved are the ITP uniform, accommodation and travel to and from Melbourne (when applicable).

ITP Fee Schedule for 2017 Australia & New Zealand
Participation in the Melbourne-based programme $40 per class, daily maximum of $100
Specialised Coaching Class conducted in most capital cities $81
Intensive Training Session Level 1&2 Female $470
Intensive Training Session Level 3&4 Female $540
Intensive Training Session Level 1 - 4 Male $540

What happens after involvement in the ITP?

Students can be involved in the ITP between 9 to approximately 13/14 years of age. When a student is in year 7 or 8 academically, his or her work is reviewed for the possibility of a place in the full-time programme for the following year. ITP enrolment concludes after Level 3 with only select students being invited to participate in the invitee programme, if the ITP student does not commence full-time training at this stage, he or she is notified of the conclusion of his or her ITP tenure. However, at the discretion of the Director, and where warranted, there is limited opportunity to access the School’s training programme for a selected student, aged 14/15 years. Students who are no longer an ITP are always welcome to re-audition for the full-time programme.