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Give a Scholarship

The Australian Ballet School accepts students from across Australia, and a small number from overseas, based solely on talent and artistic potential, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Scholarships for access and excellence are offered on the basis of merit and need. The total amount provided depends on the student's artistic promise and attendance record, and on the financial circumstances of the student and their family. Students receiving financial assistance must demonstrate good academic standing, exemplary attendance and consistent progress. Students will be considered for scholarships only upon acceptance to the School.

Scholarships carry substantial and varying remission of fees throughout the student’s time at the School

  • Full Scholarship – to cover boarding and tuition - $29,000 (per annum for 3 years)
  • Full Tuition Scholarship - $11,000 (per annum for 4 years)
  • Partial Scholarships -  from $6,000 (per annum for 4 years)

Scholarships are a really wonderful way to ensure The Australian Ballet School attracts and retains our most talented students and that no gifted student is disadvantaged due to adverse financial circumstances

To establish a named Scholarship, opportunities commence at $6,000 per annum for 3 consecutive years. However, gifts at lower levels to the Scholarship Fund will be gratefully received.

The Australian Ballet School Scholarship Fund

The Australian Ballet School Scholarship Fund exists to support our students to complete their training. One in three of our students need financial assistance – this fund provides full and partial tuition fee support. Any amount no matter the size will make a such a difference to our students and their families.

If you would like more information, please contact our Development Office by phoning 03 9669 2807 or emailing