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After School Programme (ASP)

The Australian Ballet School conducts after-school-hours vocational training for students studying Levels 1-3, at approximately 9-13 years of age. Students are given careful and individual attention by their teachers to establish the strong foundations of technique upon which the following years of training are developed.

Students participating in the After School Programme, aged 8-13 years (as at 30 June of the auditioning year) are selected via audition only. Further information about how to audition can be found here.

"Students are given careful and
individual attention by their teachers"

Classes are conducted at The Australian Ballet School premises in Southbank, Melbourne, in the late afternoon to early evening on weekdays and during the daytime on Saturdays. Class sizes are small. The number of days that classes are conducted varies for each level.

Although the focus is on the careful and methodical training, there are also strategic opportunities for the students to perform. From time to time, some students are invited to work as child extras in The Australian Ballet productions. Students may also be provided with performance opportunities which may include the September Showcase and/or the end-of-year performance.

A students’ progression through the After School Programme levels of the School is at the discretion of the Director. It is determined by the student’s rate of progress throughout the year and work shown in the assessments/exams. There is no rite of passage into the Full-Time Programme; students will be assessed and advised accordingly.


  • Classical Ballet
  • Character Dance
  • Stretch Programme
  • Performance Studies
  • Injury Prevention
  • Foundation for Pointe Studies (Level 3 female)
  • Contemporary Studies (Level 3)
  • Anatomy (Level 3)
  • Performance Psychology (Level 3)

How to Audition for the ASP