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Spanish Study Block

by The Australian Ballet School |

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On the 14 February, the School was very honoured to welcome the newly appointed Spanish Consul General, Antonio Polidura to a viewing of a Spanish Dance rehearsal.  The Consul General was accompanied by Cultural Officer Ms. Olvido Martin, along with Board members Robin Campbell, W. Brind Zichy-Woinarski Q.C. and General Manager Sandra Ball, viewed a rehearsal of “Farruca” by the Level 7 students alongside their wonderful teacher Areti Boyaci.

The palo “Farruca” is a traditional Flamenco form, originating from the north of Spain that is played in a Minor Key.  It is a four beat rhythm comprising of a dramatic slow letra (verse) danced by the males which contrasts with a falseta section danced with a “Manton” Spanish shawl by the females.  Although the “Farruca” was traditionally a male domain, the famous dancer Carmen Amaya broke the mould and paved the way for females to also showcase their technical prowess with powerful and rhythmical footwork - A distinctive feature of “Farruca”. 

The students all did a fabulous job. Ole!

Above photos by Lynette Wills


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