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A night to remember, The Australian Ballet School Soirée.

by The Australian Ballet School |

Diane Palmer, Head of Music at The Australian Ballet School


On the evening of October 25, a magical event unfolded at The Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne. The atmosphere was electrifying as esteemed guests, patrons, and supporters joined us.

 From left: School Captain Tadgh Robinson, Chair Sarah Matheson AM and Vice Captain Calista Lewis


The Australian Ballet School Soirée was a beautiful affair, resplendent with elegance and artistry. It was an event that exemplified the values we hold dear at the School: dedication to the arts, a commitment to education, the spirit of collaboration, and the unwavering support of our community.



Our Head of Music Ms. Diane Palmer opened the proceedings with a mesmerising piano performance. The evening also presented an enthralling performance of “Smile’ choreographed by Lucas Jervies and accompanied by musicians from the Melbourne Youth Orchestra


From Left: Bobby Valentine and Deputy Chair Robin Campbell


The Australian Ballet School expresses heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended this special evening. Your presence and support mean so much to us, and to the dancers of the future.



Photography by Gavin D Andrew
Video by F. Mutswagiwa