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School Captains 2020

by The Australian Ballet School |

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We are delighted to announce our 2020 School Captains, Annabelle Watt and Izaak Westhead. For years Annabelle and Izaak have worked hard at The Australian Ballet School and have demonstrated outstanding personal attributes throughout their journeys.  

Annabelle and Izaak will be integral to setting a positive example for all students at The Australian Ballet School during these unprecedented times, and we are pleased to formally welcome them into their new roles. 

Annabelle Watt joined The Australian Ballet School in 2017 at Level 5.  She was born in Brisbane and commenced dancing at the age of three. Aside from ballet, Annabelle enjoys travelling, retail therapy and playing outdoor sports with her brothers. 

Izaak Westhead also began his training at The Australian Ballet School at Level 5 in 2017. Originally from the UK, Izaak and his family emigrated from the UK to Adelaide in 2006. He particularly enjoys pirouette enchainments and performing with live music in class. Outside of ballet, Izaak enjoys mixing music. 

We look forward to witnessing Annabelle and Izaak flourish in their roles as School Captains and are excited to support their continued excellence at The Australian Ballet School. We are confident that Annabelle and Izaak will continue to set a great example for our younger students, both as ballet dancers and human beings. Congratulations! 

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