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October is Mental Health Month!

by The Australian Ballet School |

Driven by positive and balanced education, The Australian Ballet School is at the forefront of mental health and wellness programs for dancers to support and maximise student potential. Cultivating healthy bodies, minds, and souls makes our young students better performers, more self-aware dancers and more compassionate people.


As part of Mental Health Month, we want to highlight the world-class health and wellness systems the School has implemented for over 21 years, which have equipped hundreds of students with the tools they need to fulfil their dance dreams. "We were one of the first elite ballet schools globally to provide in-house psychological support, pioneered by former Head of Student Health and Welfare, Lucinda Sharp", said Philippa Ziegenhardt, School Counsellor.


In line with our philosophy, the School has a multidisciplinary health team, including GP, Counsellor, Dietitian, Sports Doctor, Physiotherapist, Myotherapist, Yoga Instructor, and Strength & Conditioning Specialists. Therefore, students in all year levels have access to health support at all stages, from prevention to early intervention and treatment. In the same way, with performance psychology classes we aim to empower aspiring dancers to look after their self-care, build resilience, strength and work towards their highest versions.


While it has been tough to face COVID-19 disruptions, significant is the collective work of our health professionals, artistic team, and staff, who have made an enormous difference in encouraging the next generation of dancers to look after themselves. In particular, by keeping them engaged, motivated and connected in a caring and accepting environment.