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Nurturing the next generation of dancers: Director Lisa Pavane for Winston Churchill's Trust "Makers & Creators" Series

by The Australian Ballet School |

Director Lisa Pavane has been featured in The Winston Churchill Trust’s “Makers and Creators” Series.

An alumna of the School, former Principal Artist with The Australian Ballet Senior Principal with the English National Ballet, Lisa’s commitment to vocational education and training propelled her to Directorship of the School in 2015.

Lisa’s dedication to advancing the arts in Australia led her to undertake The Stuart and Norman Leslie Churchill Fellowship in 2012. This transformative opportunity enabled her to focus on enriching ballet education and vocational training at our School by visiting dance schools across the world such as Houston Ballet Academy and San Francisco Ballet School.

Lisa said “The Fellowship afforded me the opportunity to go and look at other international schools. This gave me knowledge to share with our community. Though we’re many dance schools around the world at an elite-training levelwe’re all facing similar things. 

Watch the full interview below to hear Lisa’s insights on nurturing the future generation of dancers.


Photography by Lynette Wills