Summer School Auditions, Melbourne, January 2020

Week 2: Friday 10 January 2020
1.5hr class between 4.00pm – 7.15pm 


  • The audition class schedule will be confirmed on Day 2 of Summer School.
  • Application closing date is 10am, Thursday 9 January 2020.

These auditions are held during Summer School and are scheduled exclusively for Summer School participants. Successful auditionees will be offered positions for the 2020 School year. To be eligible for an audition, applicants must be aged 9 years by 30 June 2020 (8½ in January 2020).

The audition consists of a modified Classical class and a physical assessment. The class is specially structured to assess a range of criteria including coordination, musicality and physical suitability for the demands of The Australian Ballet School's various programmes. No special preparation is required.

Full Time Programme (FTP; Melbourne-based)
Age at 1 January 2019: 13 to 18 years

Summer School participants who would like to study full-time in 2020 and join Levels 4 to 8 of the School should audition for the Full-Time Programme.
Click here for more information about the FTP.

Intra/Interstate & International Training Programme (ITP), and
After School Programme (ASP)
Age at 1 January 2019: 8½ to 13 years

Summer School participants aged from 8½ to 13 years may audition for the ASP (Melbourne-based) or the ITP (international and national, including Victoria). Successful auditionees will be offered training options based on their age, location and ability. This arrangement offers greater access and training options to develop young dancers.
Click here for more information about the ASP.
Click here for more information about the ITP.


  1. Read relevant documents. Please ensure you read and understand the following before making your application: The School's Terms & Conditions, and the relevant training programme/s your child will be auditioning for (Full-Time, After School, and/or Intra/Interstate & International).
  2. Enrol and finalise payment. Select the desired option from the drop-down menu at right and click Register. Complete enrolment form with applicant and parent/carer details. Checkout to finalise payment. By clicking Register, you agree to the aforementioned School's Terms & Conditions.
  3. Submit photos and confirm desired training programme. After payment is complete, you will receive an email with instructions on where to upload the required photos and select the auditionee's desired training programme/s. 


The auditionee must demonstrate the following poses:

  1. Full-length facing side in profile to the camera with feet in parallel 1st (Example Photo)
  2. Tendu a la seconde a terre en face with arms in second (Example Photo

Photos do not need to be shot by a professional photographer; camera phone photos will suffice. However, they must be of sufficient size and quality to be printed on half an A4 sheet of paper. 

Photos should be uploaded as soon as possible after payment is made, and must be uploaded by Thursday 9 January 2020. Failure to complete all steps may invalidate your application.

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