BRISBANE - 12 to 13 July 2018


The National Audition Tour is conducted during June – August each year, visiting major cities around Australia. Students can choose to audition in 2018 for intake in 2019.

The audition consists of a modified class and a physical assessment. The class is specially structured to assess a range of criteria including coordination, musicality and physical suitability for the demands of The Australian Ballet School's various programmes. No special preparation is required.

Full Time Programme (Melbourne)
Age at 30 June 2018: 13 to 18 years

Students who would like to study full time and join Levels 4 to 8 of the School should audition for the Full-Time Programme.

Intrastate / Interstate / International Training Programme (ITP) or After School Programme (ASP)
Age at 30 June 2018: 8 to 13 years

In addition to accepting international, interstate, and regional Victorian students, the School's ITP now offers the same opportunity to students from anywhere in Victoria, including Melbourne. Students from 8 to 13 years undertake an audition, and if successful, will be offered training options based on their age, location and ability. This arrangement offers greater access and training options to develop young dancers.


The process for submitting photos has changed as all Audition applications are now made entirely online.

  • Photos do not need to be shot by a professional photographer and photos shot on a phone are fine.
  • The photo must be in .JPG format and of sufficient size and quality to be printed on half an A4 sheet.

YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS ON THE SAME DAY YOU MAKE YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION. Failure to do so may invalidate your application. (This requirement was added to the booking process at 10.15am on 5 April 2018. If you made your application before this date please just submit your photos ASAP and no later than Friday 20 April)

Photos Required:

Full length facing side in profile to the camera with feet in parallel 1st. 
Example Photo

Tendu a la seconde a terre en face with arms in second. 
Example Photo



STEP 1 - Terms & Conditions
Please review the following document before making your application:
Terms & Conditions

STEP 2 - Make your Application
Select the desired Training Programme and click Register to fill in your application and pay the fee. By clicking Register, you agree to the School's Terms & Conditions.

STEP 3 - Submit Photos
You will be sent an email with instructions after you apply. The process for this has changed and photos can now be submitted online.

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