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Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction

The Australian Ballet School is Australia’s national vocational dance training institution and maintains a close liaison with the dance industry through the major performing companies around Australia and internationally. Graduates of The Australian Ballet School are employed by these companies around the world. In order to foster new teachers and maintain the highest standards of training delivery, The Australian Ballet School has recognised the need to develop its own holistic, customised teacher training programme, to provide an enhanced career path for professional dancers who wish to move into a vocational teaching role. The target group for the Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction (10328NAT) is those who bring professional experience and expert technical skills to their work. This course prepares these individuals to work as teachers of vocational dance at the elite professional level.

Course Structure

The course structure includes a strong focus on the methodology of vocational dance training, based on an eight level system derived from the Vaganova method. This eight level system draws upon traditional classical technique, preserving the best that was formed by our predecessors, while being sympathetic to the demands of classical dance technique necessary for today’s professional artists. This is enhanced with the study of pedagogy, music, anatomy, nutrition, body conditioning, psychology and professional development planning. An extensive part of the course structure is a practicum component, providing hands on experience for all course participants.

Course Delivery

The Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction is delivered over two years full-time with course participants studying for 35 weeks per year. It is also possible for participants to undertake the course in part-time mode over a longer time frame. The delivery of the course follows a mentorship model providing participants with one-to-one or small group instruction. Online learning is integrated into selected components of face-to-face learning and each participant’s programme is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Entry Requirements

Generally, entry to the course will be available to applicants who can demonstrate evidence of a minimum of three years’ experience as a professional dancer with a high-profile company and the attitude and aptitude appropriate to a vocational dance teacher. Intending applicants will be required to submit the necessary application form and, if successful, participate in an interview process providing a portfolio which addresses specific selection criteria. Course numbers are limited, but applications and intake may be at any time.

It is expected that intending participants will have, as a minimum, computer literacy equivalent to operating a personal computer, operating a word processing application, and sending/retrieving information by using web browsers and email.


The Australian Ballet School has a range of support mechanisms available to its ballet students, which will also be of assistance to students completing this course.  The School has a comprehensive Health Team, which includes:

  • Dietician
  • Full-time Body Conditioning Specialist
  • Full-time Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention Specialist
  • General Practitioner
  • Myotherapist
  • Paediatrician
  • Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist
  • Sports Medicine Physician
  • Strength Training Specialist

Specialist staff of The Australian Ballet School will be available to the participants of this course to assist with any problems they may encounter or information requirements in their specific areas.

Course Fees

Fees as at January 2017 are:

Australian Students: Total course cost of $18,000

Course texts: Approximately $300

Payment plan available, with instalments across the duration of the course.

Application Form

Application Form - Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction 10328NAT

More Information

For more information, contact The Australian Ballet School on 03 9669 2807


The Vocational Graduate Certificate in Elite Dance Instruction has been replaced by the Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction (10328NAT).