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Morning Melodies
State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne
May 2015

The talented students and staff at The Australian Ballet School put on a spectacular performance of Morning Melodies showcasing three very different but equally brilliant works. The Director of the Australian Ballet School Lisa Pavane encouraged the audience to enjoy the ‘ballet and music’; ballet is not ballet without the accompaniment of the music. This was very true of all three exquisite works showcased in ‘Morning Melodies’. 

The first work, ‘from home far from ‘choreographed by Lucas Jervies was a tribute to choreographers that have had inspired him over the past decade, and also tribute to his favourite composer, Beethoven. Beethoven’s poetic sonata encouraged the dancers to be the musical notes of Beethoven’s song. The choreography was based wholly on the music. Initially the movement began in the upper body, but as the music intensified, so did the dancers. It was lovely to see the dancers not only perform in an ensemble but separately- they were all so beautiful. This piece was sophisticated yet playful, and came to life even more with a live pianist on stage. The graduates performed the choreography with such breadth, depicting the music exactly. They extended their adage with no limit, it was exciting yet tranquil. 

‘Invisible Icon’ was a contemporary piece choreographed by Margaret Wilson. It was a fast paced challenging routine where the men required amazing strength; especially seen in their floor work. Their grande allegro was breathtaking; they were so light on their feet it was as if they were dancing on clouds. The men lengthened themselves across the entire stage; they dominated the space. The female soloist was a brilliant accompaniment with the men; her performance was polished and her leg extensions were controlled. 

The last work was a challenging excerpt from Raymonda Variations. The dancers made the repertoire look effortless; their upper bodies completely calm as their feet worked through fast petit allegro and uncountable pirouettes. It was a physically demanding piece executed perfectly by all. The girls had expressive upper backs and admirable feet throughout; they did not put a step wrong. The audience was completely transfixed by the dancer’s flawless technique; everyone was left feeling exhilarated.

Morning Melodies was superb. The choreography was sophisticated. The dancers were stunning. 

Darcie Virtue, Dancetrain Magazine