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How do I know whether to enrol in an audition?

Although this decision is usually at the discretion of the parent or guardian, the student will often be the best guide. Sometimes a dance teacher may indicate that the student could benefit from auditioning.

What standard or prior experience is expected?

There is no defined standard. For younger applicants, very little dance experience is expected as the audition class provides the opportunity to demonstrate natural coordination, musicality and physical suitability. Applicants auditioning for the Full-Time Programme are expected to have had some form of ballet training.

What photos should I attach to my Audition Application Form?
You should attach two full length photos, in the following poses:
Tendu a la seconde a terre en face with arms in second
Full length facing side in profile to the camera with feet in parallel 1st

What Syllabus best prepares applicants for the audition?

The Australian Ballet School’s curriculum is unique to the School and therefore the syllabus that the applicant is currently studying is irrelevant to the audition.

Do applicants need to prepare for the audition?

Applicants do not need to prepare any routines, solos or any other dance material. They will be given instructions on the day with regards to the class content and physical assessment.

What should applicants bring to the audition?

Applicants should arrive in their usual ballet practise clothes with ‘street clothes and shoes’ over the top. All auditionees are to wear ballet flats; girls will not require pointe shoes. As students are required to remove ballet flats, please ensure ribbons are not sewn or taped.

What happens during the audition?

When applicants arrive, a representative from The Australian Ballet School will assist them to register, put on their allocated audition number and show them to the audition studio. The audition will consist of a physical assessment and an abbreviated classical class. As there is limited space at the audition venue, parents are unable to wait at the venue during the audition.

Will difficult terminology be used in the audition class?

The class is conducted in such a way that the instructions are simple and the students are able to follow the teacher’s demonstrations. Generally, the terminology does not present a problem for auditionees.

How long does the auditon take?

The audition takes approximately 1.5 hours.

When are audition results released?

All results will be addressed and mailed to the applicant by the end of September.

What happens if the applicant is successful?

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer in the mail. If the student accepts the offer, they will be enrolled in the applicable programme. Click the link to read further information about the:
Interstate/International Training Programme for students aged approx 8-13 (as at 30 June of auditioning year), living interstate, overseas or in outer regional Victoria
After School Programme for students aged approx 8-13 (as at 30 June of auditioning year), living within Melbourne or regional Victoria
Full-Time Programme for students aged approx 13 – 17 years (as at 30 June of auditioning year).

What happens if the applicant is unsuccessful?

Unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter in the mail advising them of the audition outcome. Applicants are most welcome to audition again in the future, results of any previous auditions will not be taken into account. The School does not provide feedback.

How many people are accepted?

The number of successful applicants varies each year. The Australian Ballet School does not aim to fulfil a quota and thereby accepts only those students who display the aptitude for the School’s vocational training programmes.

How do I know if it is worth auditioning again?

Application to audition is at the discretion of the parent or guardian. There have been a number of cases where applicants have auditioned several times before receiving an offer.

What if the applicant is 13 turning 14 years old and not ready to leave home - can he/she audition for the Interstate Training Programme?

If an offer is made, the parent/guardian would be welcome to discuss the family circumstances with the School to come to an agreement about the best course of action for the individual student.